Our Analytics Suite identifies consumer signals across paid, earned, shared and owned channels, and enables you to activate the data to help you address a wide range of marketing challenges - from building brand awareness to driving engagement and conversion. 



Across your paid, earned, owned and shared channels, consumers are constantly providing interest and intent signals. They are also introducing you to potentially valuable prospects that were previously off the radar — friends, family and others in their lives who have similar motivations and interests.

Our sharing and cross-platform analytics tools enable us to see consumer signals that other data-driven marketing companies simply can’t see and aren’t looking for. We can then leverage these first-party audiences to drive engagement and conversion on your behalf.

Sharing Analytics

Your most valuable user insights come from consumers interacting with your paid, earned, shared and owned assets. Our Sharing Analytics tools provide critical insights on engagement with your content as it is shared by consumers across all channels within their ‘intimate social networks’ — their friends, family and colleagues.

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Cross-Platform Analytics

Our Cross-Platform Analytics tools offer a complete solution for understanding the user experience within your owned media channels. Unlike other analytics and management tools, all of the data you collect can be activated immediately in cross-channel digital marketing campaigns — across both web and in-app advertising — to help you reach new and existing users.

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