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cross-platform Analytics

Consumers engage with digital content across all connected screens, leaving signals of interest, engagement and purchase intent along the way. Our Cross-Platform Analytics is a comprehensive solution for understanding the user experience of your owned media channels, helping you capture, visualize and reveal digital engagement habits. All of the data we collect can then be activated immediately in cross-channel digital marketing campaigns to help you reach both new and existing consumers.


Mobile Analytics

Turn in-app behavior into targeted advertising

Getting new people to engage with your app is always challenging. To do that efficiently, you need to know their pain points when using your app, what actions drive deeper engagement and what actions leads to increased conversion and retention. Mobile Analytics is our complete solution for understanding the user experience of your mobile app — from installation and engagement to conversion and retention.

Web Analytics

Our Web Analytics tools capture mobile and desktop website engagements and analyze behaviors in granular detail with segmentation, user path analysis funnels, retention, and cohorts. From the first time a consumer visits your site and engages with your products or content, to the moment they convert, we can help understand what behaviors drive the actions you value most. We can then marry this data with your mobile app tracking, creating overlaps, funnels and tracking retention across platforms to combine web and in-app behaviors in a single analysis — meaning you gain a much clearer picture of what drives success and ROI on your website and mobile apps.

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