Harness the Power of
Data to Reach Consumers

Efficiently targeting the right consumers in a brand safe environment is critical to campaign success. Our Data Management Platform allows us to create unique segments that leverage first-, second-, and third-party data to reach highly engaged audiences at scale.

First Party Data
Tapping Into New Audiences

Across paid, earned, owned and sharing channels, consumers are constantly providing interest and intent signals. They are also introducing you to potentially valuable prospects that were previously off the radar — others in their lives who have similar motivations and interests. Our easy-to-install analytics tools enable you to see consumer signals that other data-driven marketing companies simply can’t see and aren’t looking for.

Sharing Analytics

Sharing Analytics reveal how users are behaving across your website and social channels. Understand what content drives user engagement and encourages them to share with their friends and family.

Our Sharing Analytics tools provide insight into not only the primary users of your website and social media channels, but also information about those sharing outside standard channels (known as Dark Social) to help you capitalize on their engagement as well.

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Cross-Platform Analytics

Our cross-platform analytics offer a comprehensive solution for understanding the full user experience within your mobile app or website — from installation and engagement to conversion and retention. Unlike other analytics and management tools, all of the data you collect can be activated immediately in cross-channel digital marketing campaigns — across both web and in-app advertising — to help you reach new and existing consumers.

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Second-Party Data
Tap Into Influencer Audiences

As part of our influencer marketing programs, RhythmOne offers a unique way to drive ROI within our influencer marketing campaigns. By placing our sharing analytics tools on the sites of the influencers with whom we work, we can extend the engaged audiences interacting with influencer content and message them programmatically in real time, accelerating their advancement from awareness to conversion.

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Third-Party Data
premium, supply-side audiences

Our third-party data targeting is unique because it is executed on the supply side. This provides greater accuracy and opportunity for scale in the audience segments we create. With access to hundreds of data providers, we create highly-customized packages of mobile and/or desktop supply based on your targeting parameters, such as:

  • Demographics
  • Lifestyle
  • Purchase Behavior
  • Industry Category
  • Keyword Contextual
  • Exclusive Supply (O&O, header bidder)
Through our Guaranteed Marketplaces, we provide:
  • 70% Viewability
  • 50 or 100% In-view (confirms ad is in the viewable area of the user's browser at time of ad serve)
  • <1% Sophiticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT)

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