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For brands, there is no more effective place to engage consumers than a trusted environment. RhythmOne helps marketers connect with passionate influencers that authentically weave branded stories into content and social platforms that consumers trust — delivering powerful results.



RhythmOne offers the only Influencer Marketing solution, RhythmInfluence, that amplifies content distribution through an industry-leading programmatic marketplace — allowing you to seed your content and engage targeted, quality audiences at scale, helping to push them through the funnel and drive ROI. In addition to massive distribution, our Influencer Marketing solutions offer:

  • Access to a tenured team with deep experience matching brands to influencers developing stand-out creative.
  • The ability to drive full-funnel programs for brands, starting with influencer content and ending with optimization toward a purchase or action.
  • Full transparency into influencers used as well as content approval rights.
  • Use of Sharing Analytics and Smart Links (link shortener) to extend the influencer audience and further activate them through programmatic channels, extending campaign impact and driving real ROI.
  • A 30+ point post-campaign analysis providing transparency into campaign opportunities.
  • Proven campaign performance with an average of $11.69 in Earned Media Value for every $1.00 in paid media spent.
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RhythmInfluence offers one of the most effective solutions to engage with consumers within a trusted environment. We maintain relationships with most of our 45K+ influencers and work with our clients to connect the right influencers with the right brands to achieve campaign goals and objectives.

Our influencers all set the bar for:
Accelerated growth · Social power · Viral distribution · Consumer engagement · Content expertise · Aesthetically appealing content · Community leadership


Whether it’s a story told through a blog post, video, a picture or any combination of these, RhythmInfluence works with influencers to ensure they bring your story to life with engaging, custom content delivered to the right audience — amplified through the channels that will make the greatest impact. And, unlike other providers, you are a collaborator and approver of all the content created - making sure it speaks to your brand, your voice, and ultimately, that it resonates with your target audience.

Distribute & Amplify

No matter what kind of custom branded content an influencer has created on behalf of your brand, it should be distributed across all digital channels in order to truly amplify the message and connect with as many consumers as possible. In addition to distribution through social channels, which is part of most influencer marketing programs, RhythmInfluence goes a step further and amplifies reach and impact of branded content by seeding it programmatically through our brand safe platform, RhythmMax. We can also run complementary campaigns that leverage data to tap into the influencers audiences to amplify your campaign. With this approach, we help guide consumers down the funnel from awareness to conversion, making your influencer marketing programs far more effective and impactful.

Second-Party Data:
Tap into Influencer Audiences


As part of our influencer marketing programs, RhythmInfluence offers a unique way to drive ROI. By placing our Sharing Analytics on the sites of the influencers we are working with, we can extend the engaged audiences interacting with influencer content and message them programmatically in real time.

We are the only influencer marketing provider that offers these custom Sharing Analytics. When placed on the properties and posts of the influencers that are part of your program, the data derived from these proprietary analytics tools can then be leveraged together with third-party data, to seed content or run complementary ad campaigns programmatically, extending the reach of your programs and activating like-minded, high-performing engaged audiences.

Key benefits:

  • Extend the reach and shelf-life of influencer marketing programs.
  • Tie influencer marketing content to highly-targeted ad campaigns, allowing you to connect your programs to real consumer actions and ROI.
  • Let us optimize the content and ads you serve  to move consumers from awareness to conversion.

Whether you have deep experience with influencer marketing — or just dipping-in your toe for the first time — let’s talk:  amazing, creative and impactful solutions await.

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