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RhythmOne provides streamlined, transparent connections between advertisers and consumers through its programmatic marketplace RhythmMax.  Our end-to-end platform offers differentiated supply, innovative technology and data-driven insights — providing advertisers and publishers more direct, efficient and effective connections to drive ROI.

Guaranteed Marketplaces

RhythmOne’s Guaranteed Marketplaces (GMPs) allow advertisers to access curated inventory that meets only the strictest quality and/or viewability standards — including guaranteed 70% viewability, 50% or 100% in-view video, and <1% Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT). Our GMPs, used alone or in combination with other private marketplaces, let you focus on campaign optimization and achieving the best possible ROI. **

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Private Marketplaces

Our Private Marketplaces (PMPs) offer unique supply through our owned and header bidder inventory and through leading third-party data providers. What makes the audiences in our PMPs different is that they are built on the supply side — this enhances targeting accuracy, provides transparency into inventory availability and enables us to achieve improved scale and precision. Our PMPs grant first-look access before it becomes available through the open marketplace, giving you greater pricing predictability and control over placement. When building a PMP, we help you curate a highly-customized package of mobile (in-app or web) and/or desktop supply based on your specific criteria, such as:


Audience and


Site Content And


Creative Type


Brand Safety and

Our PMPs are targeted through a Deal ID and can be set-up and managed by either our team, or by you through your integration with one of our DSP partners.

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Our Always-on Segments allow you to access pre-packaged PMPs within our demand-side partner's platforms. These segments have been developed through sophisticated targeting methods that help ensure success. Based on our work with top-tier brands and agencies, we’ve created high demand segments, as well as several that are unique to RhythmOne and help you easily capitalize on popular events or purchase triggers.

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Direct IO

Our Direct IO offering gives demand partners the high-touch aspects of a direct buy executed programmatically. This offering allows for customized audience and/or content targeting coupled with a negotiated CPM and any necessary managed services. Additionally, our Direct IO offering provides demand partners with access to pre-package premium inventory segments being made available by our supply partners.

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