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RhythmOne provides streamlined, transparent connections between advertisers and consumers through its programmatic marketplace, RhythmMax. Our end-to-end platform offers differentiated, brand-safe inventory targeted on the supply side — helping advertisers drive measurable business outcomes at scale.


Our Private Marketplaces (PMPs) offer unique supply through our owned and controlled inventory, enhanced through our extended supply. What makes our PMPs different is that inventory is curated for your business objectives on the supply side — enhancing targeting accuracy, providing transparency into inventory availability, and improving scale and precision. We don’t just send you a deal ID, we are vigilant about your campaign success and provide collaborative service, making adjustments and optimizations within our inventory based on your feedback to help you hit your KPIs.


Our PMP Packages are pre-filtered for audience, context, IVT and/or viewability to help drive business outcomes.



Built off our proprietary brand safety technology, RhythmGuard, RhythmOne is one of the only platforms that offers supply that is guaranteed** to meet viewability and IVT thresholds based on MRC-accredited reporting. Access real consumers and quality content, across devices.



We offer PMPs with your desired first- and third-party audiences layered on the supply side. This provides you enhanced reach, greater precision in finding audiences with whom your brand or campaign target indexes highly, and potential cost savings compared to targeting third-party audiences on the demand side.



Connect with your audience in a personalized way by targeting contextually relevant content. We partner with Grapeshot to layer contextual segments on the supply-side, updated in real-time, for maximum scale across desktop and mobile devices. Leverage our pre-packaged segments or create your own based on specific keywords or keyword categories.



Reach real, engaged humans through access to quality multi-screen video supply across desktop, mobile, and Connected TV screens. We optimize our video supply to deliver against brand metrics such as VCR, viewably, IVT, and CTR at scale.

Advanced TV

Advanced TV

RhythmOne has access to TV-like content across a variety of Connected TV platforms and devices, creating a premium opportunity to engage with captive audiences within high quality, highly viewable video content, including Full Episode Players.

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Advanced TV

Direct IO

Our Direct IO offering gives demand partners the high-touch aspects of a direct buy executed programmatically. This offering allows for customized audience and/or content targeting coupled with a negotiated CPM and any necessary managed services. Additionally, our Direct IO offering provides demand partners with access to pre-packaged premium inventory segments being made available by our supply partners.

Always-On Segments

For our DSP Partners, we also offer our PMP Packages as Always-On Segments. Our PMP Packages were created based on our work with top-tier brands and agencies, resulting in high demand segments as well as several that are unique to RhythmOne. Always-On segments ensure your clients can access quality, brand safe inventory that is tailored to their campaign objectives.

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