Protecting Your Brand’s Reputation

We take brand safety, verification and viewability as seriously as you do. Nothing is more important to us than maintaining the integrity of your brand and presenting it to the highest quality audiences possible, against the most relevant content. That’s why we choose our digital media publisher partners carefully and provide our advertisers with a fully transparent advertising environment.

Improving traffic quality is an industry imperative. We consider the prevention of poor or potentially fraudulent traffic from entering the marketplace our obligation - and indeed that of every supply-side player. Accordingly, we have taken a very strong stance against fraud.

*Source: comScore Media Metrix, Ad Focus Rankings (Desktop Only) – Top Ad Networks, U.S., July 2017

Cut/Before You Count

RhythmMax’s proprietary filtering technology, RhythmGuard, rigorously screens all inventory, eliminating suspicious or underperforming traffic pre- and post-bid.

RhythmGuard augments advertisers’ ability to maximize their return on investment across desktop and mobile inventory, through more confident buying and elimination of waste. In turn, we can reward quality Publisher partners that pre-qualify their inventory with higher yields for validated traffic. All of this underscores our commitment to quality and transparency in the advertising ecosystem:

1 Site Auditing:
Rigorous review before a publisher partners with us.

2 Pre-Bid Screening:
Technology that filters impressions by domain, publisher, site, page, ad placement and user/IP.

3 Post-Bid Filtering:
Proprietary technology to protect your brand against domain masking.

4 Third-Party Verification & Industry Associations:
In addition to our own proprietary technology, we also work with leading 3rd parties to provide traffic quality and viewability, and to help shape standards for quality now, and in the future.

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