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Against a crowded backdrop, today’s marketers are challenged to cut through the clutter and make an impact. RhythmImpact gives brands and publishers the opportunity to engage consumers with sight, sound and motion across connected devices using high-impact video, rich media, display and native ad units.

RhythmImpact’s ad formats scale across our comprehensive supply and can be accessed through our unique owned and controlled inventory, or through our programmatic platform RhythmMax as a private marketplace (PMP) or an always-on-segment (AOS). With the goal of delivering maximum consumer engagement and ROI, RhythmImpact extends the reach and efficacy of advertising and content campaigns across all digital channels. Check out our creative gallery for examples.


Data-driven Segmentation

We maintain strategic relationships with premium third-party data providers. Together, we work with our advertising partners to access out-of-the box and custom data segments designed to reach specific target audiences.  By using data-driven audience targeting strategies, we can boost campaign performance by increasing relevance and efficiency.


Campaign Targeting

RhythmImpact offers powerful cross-screen targeting options that allow us to deliver your ad or content to the right audience, at the right time, across devices. Our targeting capabilities include:

1 OS & Device:
If you're publishing an app on a specific platform, get your ad seen by those who can download it

2 Geo Location & Fencing:
Promote an offer or sale to those close to your store and capture those "impulse" shoppers

3 Carrier:
Enhance your ad campaign running on specific providers by reaching similar audiences on their mobile devices

4 Day Part:
Attract customers for dinner or travel by targeting them when they are making that key decision

5 Contextual:
Place your ad where it will further resonate with customers based on what they are already viewing

6 Behavioral Segments:
Zero in on customers based on past purchases, lifestyle, special interests or even attitude

7 Retargeting:
Increase conversions with customers that have already engaged with your website or email

8 In-view:
Purchase premium inventory based on viewability metrics


Brand Safety

Regardless of the method you use to access our inventory, your campaign benefits from our industry-leading brand safety filtering technology, RhythmGuard. RhythmGuard allows us to offer some of the cleanest ad inventory available in the industry. But don’t just take our word for it

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