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For brands, there is no more effective place to engage consumers than a trusted environment. RhythmInfluence (visit full site) helps marketers connect with passionate influencers that authentically weave branded stories into content and social platforms that consumers trust delivering powerful results. In addition, we offer the only Influencer Marketing solution that amplifies content distribution through an industry-leading programmatic marketplace — allowing you to seed your content and engage targeted, quality audiences at scale, everywhere.


  • Access to a tenured team with deep experience
  • Proven campaign performance with an average of $11.69 of Earned Media Value for every $1.00 in spend
  • Strong relationships with 45,000+ influencers across content verticals and passion points
  • A structured approach with dedicated client services and a proven process
  • A 30+ point post-campaign analysis providing full transparency into campaign success and ROI


RhythmInfluence is one of the most effective ways to engage with consumers within a trusted environment. We maintain personal relationships with most of our 45K+ influencers, and work with our clients to connect the right influencers with the right brands to achieve campaign goals and objectives across social platforms and across the Internet.

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Whether it’s a story told through a blog post, video, pictures or any combination of these, RhythmOne works with influencers to ensure they bring your story to life with engaging, custom content delivered to the right audience amplified through the channels that will make the greatest impact.

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Distribute & Amplify

We start by distributing your content across the social channels where trusted content creators and their communities of followers thrive.  By tapping into these extended networks of followers and like-minded communities, we are able to drive highly-engaged consumers back to an influencer’s or brand’s content. In addition, RhythmInfluence is one of the few offerings that extends the reach of influencer campaigns beyond the walled garden of social media.

We amplify the scale and reach of your influencer campaigns through our programmatic marketplace, RhythmMax, leveraging data and look-alike audience segments to target consumers across the Internet.  We seed your branded content in ads that are targetable by content channel, demographic, audience segment, device, geography and behavior-based parameters (retargeting). This allows us to leverage the content that has been developed and engage consumers on mobile and desktop devices with a variety of display, rich media, native and video ad units. 

These ad units, which see some of our highest engagement levels, are a great way to introduce your content and products to new audiences driving them to your site, or to engage with the influencers in your campaign.


Brand Safety

Regardless of the method you use to access our inventory, your campaign benefits from our industry-leading brand safety filtering technology, RhythmGuard. RhythmGuard allows us to offer some of the cleanest ad inventory available in the industry. But don’t just take our word for it

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