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RhythmOne’s unified programmatic marketplace, RhythmMax, provides the most efficient marketplace for digital advertising, driving maximum return on your media spend. With one of the deepest supply footprints available across connected devices, RhythmMax offers a one-stop-shop for advertisers and brands to create effective cross-channel campaigns leveraging all ad types – display, video, rich media and native – enabling optimization within and across campaigns.


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We Take Brand
Safety Seriously

With a rigorous pre- and post-bid screening, we ensure you’re bidding on only the cleanest inventory.

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*Source: comScore Media Metrix, Ad Focus Rankings (Desktop Only) – Top Ad Networks, U.S., June, 2017; Ranking for pixalate is for US


Create and launch campaigns through integration with one of our DSP partners. Through this buying method, you get access to our high-quality supply in an open marketplace, allowing you to target specific audiences made up of individuals that meet your defined criteria, across devices and ad formats.


Private Marketplaces

With our Private Marketplaces (PMPs), we create pockets of inventory and grant you first-look access before it becomes available through the open marketplace. PMPs give you greater pricing predictability for acquiring supply, as well as greater control over placement. When building a PMP, we work with you to curate a highly customized package of mobile (in-app or web) and/or desktop supply based on your specific criteria, such as:

  • Audience segment or demographic
  • Site content or prior performance
  • Brand safety measures
  • Creative type
  • Viewability

Our PMPs are targeted through a Deal ID and can be set-up and managed by either our team, or by you through your integration with one of our DSP partners.

Always-on Segments

Our Always-on Segments allow you to access pre-packaged inventory within our DSP partner's platforms.  These segments have been developed through sophisticated targeting methods that help ensure success. Based on our work with top-tier brands and agencies, we’ve created high demand segments, as well as several that are unique to RhythmOne and help you easily capitalize on popular events or purchase triggers.

Demographic/Content/Interest Based Segments

African American

C-Level, SVP, VP

Cooking Enthusiasts


DIY/ Home Improvement

Grocery Shoppers



LDA Adults (21 YO)





Travel Enthusiasts


Women's Lifestyle

Viewable Impressions

Header Bidder


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