We have been placing advertising online for brands since 1995; that’s twenty years of solutions that connect brands with consumers – an impressive stint in this ever-changing space if we do say so ourselves. We have always empowered digital content creators that focus on passion points: pockets of the web that you frequent as you figure out how to deal with the terrible twos, catch up on the latest celeb gossip, perfect your golf swing or stay on top of the latest trends. I’ve been helping for 8.5 years (time flies when you’re having fun right?) and have seen our means of engaging consumers evolve from a 468×60 run of network banner ad to unique, creative, beautiful, engaging, interesting pieces of custom content (text, pictures, videos) created specifically with a brand in mind by these passionate digital content creators. These influencers are followed, liked and most importantly trusted by their community of followers (If you trust them to help you get through the aforementioned terrible twos, you’re bound to trust the brands they align themselves with right?). At this point most brands know they want to play in this space, but some are still hesitant to take the plunge, they want proof that dollars spent will provide results. Our most recent Influencer Benchmark study does just that.

Creating Compelling Campaigns

In 2014, RhythmOne ran 48 influencer content programs consisting of varying degrees of influencer discovery, content creation, content distribution and in-depth campaign analytics. 660+ influencers created custom content across these 48 programs, all uniquely crafted based on the needs and objectives of the advertiser. Our brand solutions team ideates the best ways to utilize influencers from content topics to platform selection to distribution tactics.

Say Cheese!

My favorite campaign from 2014 put a printer in the hands of our influencers and watched amazing things happen.


Canon Pixma Campaign | Wedding Focus – Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles


Canon Pixma Campaign | Travel Focus – EyeSwoon and on Instagram.


Canon Pixma Campaign | Lifestyle – Peace Love Shea

They worked the printer into each of their individual passions…they made their weddings more special, threw a party for friends, created a fashion week diary, connected with their kids with DIY projects, and savored travel memories to enjoy for years to come (to name a few!). One campaign essentially turned into seven mini campaigns within and the outcome was pretty and fun and engaging and brought the printer to life.

So all of the ideation and execution landed us here…In the CPG category we saw marketers capture $11.33 in earned media for every $1.00 spent. Those are stats that will keep me selling this stuff for another 8.5 years.