Today, we are proud to announce the launch of our new blog, RhythmBuzz, covering the latest in digital marketing from the industry-leading experts on our team. Living at the convergence of content creators, consumers and brands, RhythmOne is able to offer a unique perspective on the industry’s past, and it’s trajectory. RhythmBuzz will cover a range of topics relevant to today’s marketers and publishers – including mobile and video marketing, cross-screen advertising, programmatic, creative innovation and influencer marketing.

Our experts live and breathe these topics – they are practitioners and thought-leaders with years of experience helping top brands, advertisers, publishers and content providers thrive in the digital ecosystem. We live in a time when advertising and marketing strategies are constantly evolving – especially with the advent of automation and increased data and targeting capabilities (and all the viewability, verification and brand safety challenges these present). We are excited about the opportunity to lead and participate in the conversation, to facilitate the exchange of ideas, commerce and creativity.  At the end of the day, our goal is to make you better at connecting with your audience.

Stay tuned for updates to RhythmBuzz. To make sure you never miss out, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.