1R’s Latest Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report and Guide

Influencer Marketing Benchmarks

Marketers looking to forge an authentic connection with consumers are weaving their brand stories into the content and social platforms of some of the largest independent bloggers and publishers on the web.  Influencer Marketing gives advertisers an effective place to engage with consumers in a trusted environment and we know that online consumers trust and are impacted by the influencers they follow. Content distribution ad units can further amplify that influence at massive scale.

At RhythmOne, we are strong advocates for Influencer Marketing, and we encourage interested marketers to check out our latest Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report and Guide (both for download below).  

The results of our first half of 2015 (1H 2015) Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report clearly show this type of advertising works. Offering both top-level and in-depth analyses of the influencer programs we ran during the six-month period of January – June 2015, our benchmarks report shows that marketers who implemented an Influencer Marketing program in 1H 2015 received $9.60 in earned media value (EMV) for every $1.00 of paid media spend.

Findings also revealed insights about social engagement rates, top performing social media channel for social amplification and sweepstakes or giveaway inclusion benefits.  Additionally, you can learn what seven traits to look for when selecting an Influencer.

In our Guide, discover how to build your own Influencer Marketing campaign from the ground up. We cover everything from finding the right influencers for your brand to content ideation and distrubition.

Download our first half of 2015 (1H 2015) Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report and Guide here.

Also, check out our Influencer Benchmarks webinar below.