Our recent Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report and Guide clearly show that these programs work. On average, marketers who partnered with RhythmOne for Influencer Marketing campaigns during the first half of 2015 received $9.60 in earned media value for every $1.00 of paid media. By authentically weaving their stories into influencer content and social platforms, brands can drive high engagement and best of all, consumer action.

Brands achieve this success by harnessing the power and talent of influencers who are experts and opinion-shapers in their respective space. Want to see how these programs unfold and really work?

Our Influencer Marketing Solutions Showcase highlights 18 of our best Influencer Marketing programs that RhythmOne ran over the last 12 months. All kinds of brands and advertiser categories are covered, and every featured program has eye-popping images and screenshots to help convey the excitement, creativity, and passion of each campaign. Featuring an overview of each program, our showcase highlights each advertiser’s unique objective and target audience, the key influencers they worked with, the solution and the results, with key metrics.

Download our showcase now to see how an Influencer Marketing campaign is developed and executed. Get an up close and personal look at the successes that our advertiser’s achieved and the beautiful custom-content influencer created and shared on their behalf. Finally, learn more about the great pool of influencers we work with at RhythmOne.