In today’s digital landscape, brand advertisers are looking to impact consumers with the most direct, creative and efficient ads. The most effective way to do this is through multiple devices along a user’s daily journey on the web. Across smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop and connected TV, advertising capabilities need to offer creativity, flexibility and scale.

At RhythmOne, we produce advertising solutions that embrace creativity and innovative technologies. Our formats are diverse and provide a canvas for high-impact creative executions. We aim to deliver a brand’s marketing message through programs that attract consumer attention and deliver results.

The 1R in-house creative team is responsible for developing cross-screen advertising solutions from conception to execution and through measurement. Our Creative Solutions Showcase highlights over 20 of our best campaigns that we ran over the 12 months. Covering brands and advertisers across all categories, every program leveraged the power of our creative team and the innovative features of our ad units. Featuring an overview of the brand, the target audience and how each piece of creative worked to achieve the goal of the campaign, our showcase shows how we maximized ROI.

Download our Creative Solutions Showcase now to see how streamlining the campaign planning experience makes for a more consolidated and efficient process. Finally, discover how to optimize campaigns by using the appropriate format across the appropriate screen at the right time with the right creative.