This week, we proudly announced the launch of our next-gen programmatic platform – RhythmMax. Delivering on RhythmOne’s promise of cross-screen advertising at scale, RhythmMax provides access to a huge supply of inventory (over 150M uniques/month) across devices and ad types – including display, video in stream and in app, rich media and native advertising.

Our team has been focused on a few things that will make this programmatic platform different. First off, you really can access all types of media through our marketplace – enabling our advertiser partners to execute and optimize true cross-screen campaigns. We’ve focused particularly on mobile web, mobile in-app and video as we feel these are the fastest growing and most impactful channels for advertisers seeking to reach engaged audiences. At the end of the day, it is about ROI, and we think this focus helps our clients capitalize on revenue and exposure opportunities.

Another feature that makes our programming advertising platform distinct is RhythmGuard. This is our proprietary filtering technology that eliminates fraudulent traffic before it reaches the marketplace – meaning advertisers don’t have to reconcile discrepancies after the fact, they can actually bid on inventory they can feel assured is not suspicious. We’ve added to this a unique post-bid verification as well – in that microsecond between the bid and the ad showing up on the site, we are triple checking that the domain has not been masked. This added brand safety feature augments our existing working relationships with companies like DoubleVerify, IAS and Moat – giving our partners peace of mind.

Of interest to both publishers and advertisers, we have the ability to structure deals in a number of ways – whether you’re looking for direct programmatic, PMPs or access to scale through RTB. We’ve made it easy to integrate with existing DSPs, or to access our inventory through managed services.

We’ve also honed our targeting capabilities – combining the best of 3rd party providers with our own proprietary data segments built off past campaign data. We think the combination of mining our own data together with well-known data sources gives advertisers greater flexibility in how they are reaching and connecting with their audiences.

We are all very excited about the promise of RhythmMax. It’s our plan to continue to invest and expand our capabilities, growing our base of unique inventory, continuing to stay on the cutting edge of brand safety and tapping into broader and deeper ways of targeting audiences.