Last week eMarketer published one of the industry’s most comprehensive examinations on the state of programmatic advertising. Featuring over 70 detailed pages covering insights and forecasts on mobile, video, TV and native programmatic advertising, the report includes quantitative data and qualitative research on how programmatic is shifting the digital advertising landscape.

RhythmOne executives, Dwight Ringdahl, SVP Technology, and James Murphy, VP Programmatic, were sourced for the research. Below are highlights.

eMarketer defines programmatic advertising as “an automated, technology- driven method of buying, selling or fulfilling advertising.” According to the report, programmatic is the new norm, especially when it comes to mobile.

eMarketer estimates that 60% of mobile display ad dollars will be spent programmatically in 2015. Further, as the graph at right shows, by 2017, $26.78 billion dollars will be spent for programmatic digital display ad buys. This shift is fueled by adoption of private marketplaces and programmatic direct deals, and the increased availability of premium inventory.

Some areas are still emerging on the programmatic front, with TV and native slowly shifting over to automated buying. Although buying these formats programmatically is still in its infancy, it illustrates how automated buying is driving innovation through all media channels. Finding an engaged audience will be key, as this quote from Dwight Ringdahl, excerpted from the report, indicates : “Video-on-demand is going to be a very important part to moving programmatic TV forward, because you actually have a captive audience.”

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