Everyone in the digital ad world is talking about the buzz-phrase of the moment: “Premium Programmatic.” But what does the term really mean?

Seeking a definition, we teamed up with Digiday to uncover an answer, so that we, as an industry, can have a deeper understanding about how premium programmatic will lead the shift in the way ads are bought and sold in a digital landscape.

On October 28th, we conducted a webinar titled Forging a Path to Premium Programmatic that addressed just what premium programmatic really is, how advertisers and brands can use it to their advantage and why direct relationships are still the key to executing successful cross-channel strategies.

If you didn’t have a chance to join, or would like to view the webinar again, click here to watch the replay. 

Craving more programmatic goodness? Download A Field Guide to Premium Programmatic and see what else we learned about this emerging ecosystem when we we spoke to buy-side pros from across the industry.