When thinking about what site you want to be on as an advertiser, some of the big ones probably come to mind – The New York Times, Yahoo, AOL and so forth. But they aren’t the only game out there and arguably, not always the best. Sometimes it is easy to forget about the little gems out there – the long-tail, niche publishers with a tight focus, anda loyal user base.

Case in Point

Using long-tail recipe sites, a major CPG brand – a client of RhythmOne – was able to achieve a 4.1% engagement rate on their campaign.

With highly focused subject matter, long tail publishers provide their advertisers with access to a tailored experience. These niche websites can deliver results with more return and better performance. Here are six reasons why:

1-Unique supply. Serving ads on a long tail site can be a way for an advertiser to differentiate themselves. These impressions are qualified and your message can shine through because it isn’t a crowded space. There is also less competition from other advertisers.

2-Great 1-on-1 relationship. If you want personalized attention, a long tail publisher will provide just that. For independent sites, the quality of their content and the ads that support them are critical to their success so they want to work with you and provide results with real relationships.

3-Custom creative. Long tail sites deliver high-impact ad units because the creative and overlays used are custom to your message and design. This flexibility is usually not offered with bigger publishers.

4-Accurate audience. Users on long tail sites are there because they have a niche interest. If you brand fits well with the subject matter, then you have found a highly engaged and targeted audience for your campaign.

5-Cost effective – especially for video. Buying video inventory off of Tier 1 publishers isn’t always an option because those sites want to run their own video content. Long tail publishers want advertiser video to supplement their content and are willing to work together to find the right content that supports your video.

6-Volume through aggregation. It is true that a long tail site doesn’t offer the same impression volume as other big publishers, but aggregation strategies, in which an advertiser runs the same campaigns across multiple long tail sites, creates the volume needed to scale.

Providers like RhythmOne can help you aggregate these audiences and find the scale you are looking for – whether that’s through a direct buy, or thought programmatic channels. And at the end of the day, this can make a difference in the area that matters most – your bottom line.