For brands, marketers, and especially retailers, all sights are set on the busy holiday season. But let’s face it—we all know the season has been well under way (and busy!) for a while now. I won’t even tell you when the ginormous wreath went up at the mall that’s next to our office. That alone has redefined the notion of Christmas creep.

New 1R Insights Now Available

Today we released a new 1R Insights report, “The Always-On Consumer,” which also happens to be our 11th annual holiday season consumer study. Findings from our early October 2015 survey of 550+ online adults are detailed throughout the paper, and we cover everything from shopping timing and dollar amount spending intentions to what devices consumers will use to shop in both physical retail locations and through digital channels.

Compared to recent holiday seasons, the usage rates of smartphones and tablets have grown immensely when it comes to researching products and gifts, and for making purchases. In fact, we found that 7-in-10 (71.5%) holiday shoppers in 2015 are “mobile holiday shoppers” (i.e., they will use a smartphone and/or tablet to shop)—and that’s a big increase from our 2014 report, where 53.4% of holiday shoppers said the same thing. Perhaps most telling, a 3-in-5 (60.4%) majority of mobile holiday shoppers aged 18-34 will exclusively use a smartphone as their holiday shopping device.

Other key 2015 holiday season findings of note:

  • For holiday shoppers aged 18-54, a mobile device is preferred over desktops/laptops by a wide margin as the digital platform of choice.
  • Two-fifths of holiday shoppers will use their smartphones and/or tablets more this year vs. last for holiday shopping.
  • One-half of holiday shoppers use mobile devices while physically in brick-and-mortar retail locations to assist in the shopping process.
  • Three-quarters of men and nearly two-thirds of women who notice in-store promotional push notifications say they act on them—for example, an alert for a coupon received on a mobile device while physically in a store.

Grab your copy of “The Always-On Consumer” (PDF) and discover all of the opportunities that mobile devices can bring to the table for brands, marketers, and retailers.

Mark Kaefer

Senior Director, Marketing

Mark Kaefer is Senior Director, Marketing at RhythmOne and has been with the company since 2010. A digital media, B2B, and technology marketing veteran, he has held marketing management and communications positions at Experience Inc., SkillSoft, and TechTarget. Mark holds a B.S. degree in Television/Radio from Ithaca College and an M.S. degree in Mass Communication from Boston University.