Nearly 3-in-4 US Internet users use a smartphone. More than 3-in-5 use a tablet. Mobile ad spending jumped 59.2% in 2015 (vs. last year) to $30.4 billion. Desktops and laptops are lagging behind in everything from online time spent to allocation of digital advertising budgets.

So what does all of this mean for marketers?

Watch the webinar below as we reveal our 1H 2015 mobile benchmarks by 20+ advertiser categories and lay out best practices to engage consumers in the mobile age. You’ll discover:

  • Which advertisers categories have the highest mobile video completion rates and highest mobile click-through rates.
  • The benefits and considerations of using mobile video, mobile rich media, and mobile full page ad units.
  • How supplementing mobile video campaigns with rich media can significantly boost in-stream engagement rates.
  • Ways to best measure the success of your mobile ad campaigns, and much more.

Be sure to grab your copy of our 1H 2015 Mobile Advertising Benchmarks Report, too.