According to Google the average viewability of video ads across the web is 54%. Of the 46% that are not viewable, 24% of these ads were scrolled off-screen or abandoned within 2 seconds. A video player must be in view for at least 2 seconds to be considered ‘viewable’ as defined by the Media Rating Council (MRC), in conjunction with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

And according to Vindico’s Trends in Digital Video report, only “37% of video ad impressions were both viewable and viewed to completion.”

RhythmOne is always looking for ways to improve viewability (and also the user experience). One of the ways we do this is by creating new ad units that increase ROI for advertisers, increase revenue for publishers and reduce disruptive behavior for the viewer.  We’re currently rolling out several new ad units – one of which we’re featuring in this blog today and just above this paragraph – the Jumper Ad Unit.

Much like it sounds, the Jumper ad unit takes the InView ad unit one step further by “jumping” the player to the side of the screen as the user scrolls (50%) past the original ad location. And when the user scrolls back up, it returns to its original placement.  Try it out for yourself! As you scroll up and down, you’ll see the ad unit move from it’s original position, to the right and back again.

Currently, many video ad platforms are giving their advertisers the option of only paying for viewable impressions. A clear upside for publishers is that our Jumper ad unit will make all videos viewable so that they will be paid for higher percentages of their total page views.  The upside for the advertiser is greater viewability (and completed video views) for their ads.

The ad unit doesn’t have to take up a specific portion of the publisher page’s real estate either. For example, puts their video player below the fold. But its always viewable because before or after a user has scrolled by the page, it jumps to the upper left hand corner. While it’s there it can’t be exited out of until after the video ad is done playing. The ad is 100% viewable even though the player is below the fold.

Want to learn more about our different ad units?  We have a gallery right here on our website. You can also reach out to us for more information or to discuss your specific advertising needs.