During our Influencer Marketing Benchmarks and Best Practices webinar held earlier this week, our team covered a myriad of topics and responded to several questions. One question answered, in particular, illustrates how Influencer Marketing can work for any brand willing to think outside the box.

More specifically, verticals like CPG and Travel, are widely known to engage in influencer campaigns.  But what about Finance, Healthcare or even Electronics?  Brands in these verticals can harness the power of authentic engagement too – they just might need to get a little more creative.  Here are three such examples:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts 
For three weeks in September Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts took to the streets of Massachusetts in their new Blue Box Truck and rewarded everyday people (whether they’re members of Blue Cross or not) for making every day healthy choices such as going to a morning workout class, to selecting healthy foods at the public market. The reason? It was their way of showing that they believe that a person’s health insurance company shouldn’t just be there for you at the “right time,” they should be there for you all the time.


Lenovo was looking to celebrate Women’s History Month by honoring young women who have broken through the glass ceiling, so-to-speak, in traditionally male-dominated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields.

The focus of this campaign was to generate brand awareness via personal acknowledgement and inspiration amongst driven, young women during the month of March. They worked with influential bloggers to share stories of women who have served as inspiration in their lives across blogs & social media platforms. 



Financial Services
And currently going on this month, a Financial Services organization is taking a similar route as BCBS.  They’ve created a Healthy Choices Marketplace event at Grand Central Terminal in New York City which promotes the launch of a new life insurance product. By focusing on healthy living (and eating!) with fun and interactive stations for the attendees, it was easy to engage influencers because these are two things they are passionate about.

You can catch a replay of the webinar by clicking here and  here to download a copy of our Full Year 2015 Influencer Benchmarks Report!