We recently shared an Infographic that reported the results of a study RhythmOne conducted with home owners on their plans for home improvement projects in upcoming months.  Now that spring has “sprung” so to speak, we in the Creative Products and Services group at RhythmOne thought we should follow up with some best practices on what we believe creatively works well for home improvement advertisers.

Our creative best practices do not solely focus on Home Improvement, but to the entire DIY market that includes such sub-segments as auto repair, lawn care, and even crafting.

  • First and foremost – include a Store Locator.  Brick and mortar stores are still very present and frequently visited by DIY aficionados.  A store locator is definitely a powerful feature to get a consumer to engage with your creative. The bigger payoff is that they provide marketers’ with the immediate opportunity to provide vital information – GPS directions to the nearest store – a step closer to converting a “window-shopper” into a buyer.
  • We also like – Drag n’ Drop interactions.  This feature has become widely popular in showcasing products – the payout here is that it entices users to interact with the creative.  Drag n’ Drop functionality, such as dragging a color to a wall for instant re-coloring, or dragging various products into a picture of a backyard patio is a way for customers to start the visualization process and picture products in their own home.  



  • Product Carousels are also a go-to feature that we like to include in DIY creative.  Product Carousels are visual and interactive – they allow marketers to showcase a wide range of products and allow customers to quickly swipe through them.  In addition, we like adding social sharing functionality to Product Carousels as it provides an opportunity for the consumer to promote an image or like a product.
  • Share your content.  We are big fans of using rich media creative to distribute either branded content or curated professional UGC.

One such example of creatively using a rich media unit to distribute content was a campaign for Symmons faucets that aggregated brand-approved content from several home décor blogger.  What worked so well was we were able to capture that content within a highly creative unit and distribute much more broadly than just the individual bloggers’ sites. 



One of the questions we often get from clients is whether these types of high impact creative can be run programmatically.   The answer is emphatically…yes!   In fact due to awareness, the more advertisers ask that question, the more available good, impactful, creative ad formats will be to run on a much broader scale.  We’ve successfully built high-impact creative for brands that have run on a focused Private Marketplace – so ask your partners to consider if this approach makes sense for your campaign.  The whole process is as simple as working with our creative team to come up with the perfect blend of format, features and function, before handing the creative off to our operations folks who can quickly and easily run it through our platform.

Our creative team is constantly pushing the limits for clients in terms of technical and creative possibilities, and our DIY offering is no different.  We are looking at new feature options for creative that will be more engaging without penalty to performance.  Currently we are working on building out functionality that will allow end users to use their camera to capture real time scenes from their own personal spaces and then drag n’ drop brand assets into the scene to help visualize new products in a real time environment. Whether it is taking a snapshot of your kitchen and then swapping in several different refrigerators to see which one looks the best, or adding a fence to a snapshot of your backyard, or even real time color swaps of your walls we are working fervently towards these next generation idea