If it sounds like we’re tooting our own horn, it’s because we’re both excited and proud of our all new Creative Gallery that was launched earlier this week.

The gallery features work we have done for brands such as AMC, Bravo, UPS, Lufthansa, AT&T, Capital One, McDonalds, Payless, Nike, Honda Samsung and more. The creative spans across desktop and mobile, so it’s only fitting that our gallery is completely responsive and can be viewed with full integrity from any device.

In addition to the features listed below, the “special sauce” in the gallery (and also available to clients) is our in-house player technology that overcomes the hurdle of the native player on mobile devices.  Our player supports in-line, auto-play on both IOS and Android. As you explore our creative, we encourage you to give it a try! 

For each campaign, you’ll see a device displaying the video demo of the creative. If the creative was built to run on multiple devices like in the Payless example above – there will be icons so that you can toggle between devices to see how the creative looks in each.

Our new innovative gallery also offers:

  • Multi-level filtering – by device, ad format, features and industry.
  • Preview pages that include a shortened URL that can be copied and shared with colleagues – launching them into a live demo of a specific creative.
  • Mobile URL and QR codes that enable ads displayed on the desktop to be quickly displayed on a smartphone or tablet.

Want to learn more about our different ad units or discuss your specific advertising needs? Click here and we’ll get right back to you!