Meet the Influencer: Madd Chadd

Last month we launched our series, “Meet the Influencer.”  Today we would like to introduce Chadd Smith – better known online as “Madd Chadd.” Chadd is a professional model, actor & robotic dancer. An avid technophile and photographer, Chadd also shares under the handle @maddchadd on twitter, snapchat and instagram. 

RhythmInfluence Team (RI): How did you get started?
I wasn’t ever very big on sharing my life or art but I had an epiphany that at some point I may lose my ability to do what I loved. I figured why work so hard if I’m never going to share it with the world. I began on YouTube by putting up dance clips up and then I started sharing shorter videos and pictures on Instagram. 

RI: Favorite thing about being an influencer?
Chadd: Creating my own content. I enjoy the process of filming and editing; this has given me the opportunity to learn so much while still making a living. I also love being in control of my life and spending a lot of time with my family.

RI: What inspires you?
Chadd: So many things: nature, technology, architecture, the future, old Claymation films, animatronics, many others artists.

RI: Most adventurous thing you’ve done or fear that you have conquered?
I dropped everything to dedicate my life and time to learning the Robot at a time when that wasn’t a popular dance style. Following my curiosity when it wasn’t the safe decision

RI: What has been your favorite/most rewarding campaign to work on – and why?
Chadd: Frosted Mini Wheats was really exciting for me. The client had a solid message they were trying to convey but beyond that, they gave me so much freedom in bringing it to life in a way that pertained to me and my vision. In many ways they were my patron and I was free to use my time to go in public and edit together a really fun video that my fans didn’t see as an ad – though it clearly conveyed their message.  

RI: Why do you think influencer marketing is so powerful?
Chadd: Influencing has been around for years, it was just done around the dinner table with friends, at the grocery store in the checkout line, etc. Anywhere people are asking advice and getting referrals. They use to call it taste-making and most neighborhoods, friend groups and work colleagues have a few. The growth of online social platforms has allowed a direct way for this conversation between people with strong followings to speak directly on behalf of a brand or company to their dream target audiences.

RI: Based on your experience, what is one piece of advice you’d give to brands to help them work best with you (and other influencers)?
Chadd: Keep your wants simple and to the point. The more constraints you give an influencer the harder it is for their message to be authentic and engage the audience. 

RI: What are five things you can’t live without?
Chadd: Music, coffee, camera, phone and eyeshades

RI: Favorite invention of all time?
Central Processing Unit

RI: Favorite pig out food? 
Chadd: Sammiches (sandwiches)

RI: What movie can you quote backwards and forwards?
Chadd: The Star Wars movies….and Christmas Vacation.

RI: What’s one thing on your bucket list?
Chadd: Cave Diving in the Yucatan.

RI: If you could have a superpower – what would it be? 
Chadd: The Force.

And one last question…

RI: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
Chadd: I hate pickles