eMarketer’s “Influencer Marketing Roundup,” which RhythmOne was proud to sponsor, features curated articles and interviews which address key issues facing Influencer Marketing today – and valuable insights marketers can use to boost their efforts.

One topic covered is influencer selection, which we’ve written about before in our blog and in our 2016 Influencer Marketing Guide.

According to eMarketer’s report, 75% of brands said that it finds identifying the right influencers to be a significant challenge. Respondents also struggled to find the right engagement tactics (69%) and to measure results (53%).

The good news is that we’re going to take a deep dive into several of these pain points and how to alleviate them during our webinar on Wednesday, August 17th featuring experts from our RhythmInfluence team and Socialyse (a Havas Company).

[Updated 8/20] You can now view a replay of our Influencer Marketing webinar.