Adobe’s Digital Insights team reports that the holiday shopping season is off to an excellent start with Black Friday shattering the record books and exceeding $3b in online sales for the first time, and cyber Monday also setting a record for online sales at $3.45b.  Pair these numbers with hefty in-store sales and it looks like it is shaping up to be an excellent retail season.

But the holiday shopping season is not over yet! A huge chunk of consumer spending is still to be made.  With those dollars still very much in play, savvy marketers should be working their “just-in-time” media strategy to capture as much as possible.  One of the transformational aspects digital media (and programmatic buying) has brought to media planning is immediacy and the ability to commit new or reallocate existing spend to a placement, platform or publisher.  Couple that immediacy with the medium’s ability to reach or reengage targetable audiences at scale and it is fairly apparent that digital is the way for marketers to get their message out there and engage holiday shoppers. 

Here are some suggestions on how marketers might work their media plans over the coming weeks to engage holiday shoppers:

  • Remarketing – Whether from an existing CRM file, observed behavior on your website and landing pages or exposure to your digital creative, reengaging with consumers who have experienced, engaged with, or been recently exposed to your brand message with dynamically optimized ad creative is perhaps the most effective way to drive them to action this holiday season.
  • Optimization – Now is the time to take the learnings from current campaign performance and apply it throughout your entire holiday media plan.  Data very often gets siloed by audience, message, placement or platform, however that very narrow focus can short-change the benefits.  Whether it is a deterministic or probabilistic approach, fully leverage data to achieve what you want to accomplish across your entire campaign.
  • Programmatic Buying – Reaching targetable audiences at scale is essential.  Programmatic buying and the availability of highly curated Always-on Segments and Private Marketplaces (PMPs) provide marketers a fast, efficient, and effective way to access supply.  Coupled with 1st, or 3rd party data, programmatic buying powers “just-in time” media buying and allows marketers to quickly adapt media plans and access supply during the holiday shopping season.
  • Branded Content Distribution – Brands today have curated massive amounts of sponsored content from influencer blogs and social channels.  This content is authentic, impactful and sought out by consumers. Brands can easily leverage both mobile and desktop content distribution units to amply the reach of this content to much larger targeted audiences.
  • Mobile – there has been a sea-change amongst consumers as they have quickly migrated to mobile devices to not only consume content, but to also make retail transactions.  This became very evident this past Black Friday which became the first day in retail history, as reported by Adobe’s Digital Insights, to drive over $1b dollars in mobile sales.  Moreover, mobile has become the primary device by which a number of important demographic segments (teens and GenX) access content.  And video content is what they demand.  This is the time for savvy marketers to deploy their video assets across mobile channels and engage holiday shoppers with sight, sound and motion. 

The holiday spending season is one that can define success for many marketers and retailers.  Deploying a “just-in time” media strategy and incorporating some of these suggestions are a great tactic to help achieve that success.