Influencer Marketing Benchmarks for 2017 and Beyond

It’s no surprise that influencer marketing continues to gain traction with advertisers looking to authentically engage with consumers. It’s moving beyond just the sponsored blog post – expanding into channel-specific content and incorporating experiential elements such as live events.  Influencer Marketing campaigns as sophisticated as ever, and with that sophistication comes a need for greater accountability and better success measurement.

When it comes to the efficacy and ROI of Influencer Marketing programs, Earned Media Value (EMV) continues to be a key indicator. But Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE) is becoming increasingly important to advertisers looking to gauge the value of capturing a users’ attention across all social channels and interactions.

We released our inaugural Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report two years ago (covering 2014 campaigns), and since then advertisers have looked to RhythmOne and our benchmarking series to help gauge the success of their branded content programs. In our new report, we have enhanced our reporting to provide metrics for both cost-per-engagement and brand lift. These are two ways RhythmOne is helping our advertisers quantify the value of engaged consumers and accurately assess the impact of their Influencer Marketing programs.

Here are some highlights from RhythmOne’s Full Year 2016 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report:

  • On average in 2016, advertisers who implemented a 1R Influencer Marketing program received $11.69 in EMV for every $1.00 of spend. This is an increase of 4.4% over our full-year 2015 EMV average of $11.20.
  • Average CPE was $0.93 across all products and programs.
  • Engagement rate across all products and programs was 2.01%, on average, which is a rise of 33% over the full year 2015 benchmark of 1.50%.
  • Of the 18 verticals analyzed in 2016, the top three EMV performers were Health & Pharma ($21.25), Retail ($18.20), and CPG Food ($14.76).

Get your copy of the Full Year 2016 Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report and find out how (and why) our programs were so effective.