Today begins a new blog series “What’s New in Social”  where I’ll recap all of the latest and greatest going on in the social media landscape. Below, I’ve highlighted some of the top stories over the past 3 weeks along with how it can be applied to your next influencer campaign. 

Snapchat Updates their API to Allow for Self-Service Ads:
Overview: With Snapchat’s latest API update, agencies and brands can execute a Snapchat a campaign without having to go through managed services. This is specific to Snapchat’s video ad offering (ads you see in between Stories / Discover), allowing you to reach audiences by parameters such as age, location, and interests.
Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: Brands that take advantage of our social amplification solutions, including Snapchat, will often see significant increases in engagement and reach. If Snapchat plays an important role in your next influencer campaign, Snapchat ads can help to drive additional engagement, views, and highly targeted reach to influencer-generated content. 


Pinterest Shop the Look:
Overview: Through Buyable Pins and 3rd party partnerships, users can now see and shop multiple products within a single Pin without ever leaving the site. Pins that have the “Shop the Look” feature will have a blue dot next to the specific product. Examples of Pins with this feature can be seen here:
Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: For retail and apparel brands,  influencers can create Pins showing various products / styles, advocating their network to purchase these products without having to leave Pinterest. This can be a great way to promote new apparel and track sales directly from influencers’ Pins. 


Facebook Video – New Ad Offerings:
Overview: This will launch later this year. Currently, Facebook video ads charges for any view that takes place, which they define as 3 second views or more. Later this year, advertisers will have multiple bidding options that includes the following:
  • Pay for video ads only when the video is viewed in it’s entirety (for videos that are 10 seconds or less). 
  • Bid on two second views
  • Pay for video views only when the sound is turned on
Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: Video ads on Facebook & Instagram can significantly increase views and engagement for influencer and brand generated video content while also reaching highly qualified audiences based on parameters such as interests, location, age, buying behavior, and more. With this latest update, video ads can be set up and optimized in real-time based on the metrics that matter most for your video campaigns.


Instagram – Carousel Posts:
Overview: Users now have the ability to upload up to 10 photos or videos at once in a single post. Instagram will format these as a carousel where users can swipe left or right to view each photo or video.
Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: Instagram carousels provides a new, unique way for influencers to share content with their audience. Similar to photo albums on Facebook, Instagram carousels can be used in multiple ways for influencer campaigns ranging from recipe tutorials, travel tips, and more.  Incorporating Instagram carousels into a campaign will likely result in higher engagements / post.
Pinterest Lens App:
Overview: Currently in Beta. Pinterest is releasing an app that will allow users to take a picture of any object and then show related Pins online. If you see a pair of shoes you like, for example, and you’re unsure of the brand, you can take a picture via Lens and have it display Pins of that product and/or similar styles.
Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: While users can’t control the results that the Lens app shows, it can inspire some unique campaign ideas such as an Influencer using Lens to take a picture of a  product, looking at the top 3-5 Pins that would compliment that product well, and integrate them altogether into their own Pinterest board.


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