There were a few major updates this week, especially for Facebook and Instagram, that varied between product launches and algorithm updates. Below I highlight some of the top social media updates this week along with how they might apply to your next Influencer campaign. 

Instagram Stories Ads:
Instagram has been testing ads in between Stories for the past few months, but only with a select few brands.  All advertisers can now run ads through Instagram Stories, leveraging Facebook / Instagram targeting parameters such as age, interest, buying behavior, and more. Ads can be either a photo or a video up to 15 seconds.

Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: Instagram ads have performed really well as part of our social amplification solutions. Story placements can provide an effective and targeted way to promote great Influencer-created image and video content; especially if your primary KPI is reach or CPM. 


Facebook Algorithm Update – Reactions:
Overview: Facebook is now placing more emphasis on “reactions” over “likes” in their newsfeed algorithm. When one of your friends “reacts” to a post, it will likely be placed higher in the newsfeed over someone simply just “liking” these posts.  All reactions are weighted equally.
Influencer Campaign Thought Starters: Influencers that generate more reactions will likely have a higher amount of post impressions and engagement than Influencers who don’t. Campaigns that have a heavy Facebook component should start to incorporate content themes that align well with one of the five reactions instead of just “likes”. 


Facebook Video – In-Stream Ads:
Overview: Facebook has expanded their video ad placements to incorporate in-stream ads. Advertisers can now have their videos placed in-stream on publisher videos monetizing through Facebook’s audience network. 
Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: Video distribution is part of our social amplification solutions; with placements serving as a way to optimize these campaigns.  If Facebook & Instagram provide transparency into in-stream ad performance, the additional placement could mean lower CPVs and better overall results for video campaigns.

YouTube – YouTube TV:
 YouTube is looking to compete with cable and streaming services with the launch of “YouTube TV.”  their own live TV service. YouTube will be working with various TV networks to offer this premium YouTube service for users; with many already committing such as ESPN, FOX, ABC and more.

Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: There isn’t an immediate Influencer impact yet, but there’s no reason to believe this won’t be expanded to include every day content creators. Webisodic, live streaming content might end up being a major component of YouTube TV.


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