March Madness is here which means it’s time for RhythmOne’s Social Media Bracket! While some will base their bracket on seeding or head-to-head match-ups, we use social media sentiment to completely make our bracket picks in partnership with Prime Visibility.

In recent years, we’ve been in the top 99% of brackets on ESPN using this methodology and hope to have another successful year. As with previous years, we analyzed social media conversations across Twitter and Facebook throughout the 2016-2017 college basketball season to help determine our bracket picks. Whichever team had the highest volume of positive mentions on social media throughout the entire season won their respective matchup.

We’ve included our Social Media March Madness Bracket below. This year it looks like positive sentiment is heavily skewed towards higher-seeded teams than what we saw in prior years. Highlights include:

Championship Pick: Duke (2)

Championship Matchup: Duke (2) vs. UNC (1)

Final 4: Duke (2), UNC (1), Kansas (1), Arizona (2)

Biggest Projected Upsets: 

·         Round of 64:

o    VCU (10) over Saint Mary’s (7)

·         Round of 32:

o    Northwestern (8) over Gonzaga (1)

o    Maryland (6) over FSU (3)

·         Sweet 16:

o    UVA (5) over Villanova (1)

o    Northwestern (8) over Norte Dame (5)