Pinterest has been quietly rolling out a lot of exciting new features, including a partnership with Samsung on visual search and more support for small businesses.   Below is one of the bigger Pinterest updates for brands along with some other new social updates for the week.

Pinterest Launches App Install Ads:
Overview: Pinterest has launched a new product, Promoted App Pins, that focuses on app downloads as the primary KPI.  Ads look exactly like a regular Pin, mixed in with other organic Pin content, except with an “install” call to action button. Advertisers can leverage the same targeting as other Pinterest campaigns, including location, search queries, and interests.

Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: With Pinterest’s Promoted App Pins, Influencers can create a pin about a brand’s app, include an “install” call to action button, and then promote it through Pinterest Ads; align the app with specific search queries. Aligning Pinterest Promoted App Pins with Influencer is a great way to promote an app testimonial to a highly targeted audience.



Facebook Stories:
Facebook is the latest to offer Stories as part of the network (alongside Snapchat, Instagram, and Messenger).  Using Facebook’s Camera (, users can add lenses and filters, similar to the other networks, and then share their photo or video as a story on Facebook. Stories appear on top of the news feed (identical to Instagram’s format), and disappear after viewing or after 24 hours.

Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: This isn’t available for brand pages yet. However, this will likely roll out to pages in the coming months (where the majority of Influencers post from). Stories have been effective in driving views and reach across Instagram and Snapchat for Influencer programs and will likely replicate the same results on Facebook for pages with a high following. 


Facebook Live 360 Available for All Users:
 Facebook was previously testing live 360 video with a small amount of pages over the last few months and now have rolled it out to all users and pages. A 360 camera is required to broadcast live video in 360.

How it Applies to Influencer: Combining live video and 360 together can produce a lot of engaging campaign ideas for your next Influencer campaign. Influencers can broadcast a live 360 video for an event activation and can document their travel adventures in real-time for a travel-based campaign. 


Pre-Roll Ads Coming to Periscope:

Overview: Publishers can now serve pre-roll ads on their Periscopes before a broadcast begins, leveraging targeting from Twitter. Ads can be served for both live videos and replayed video content.

How it Applies to Influencer: Some Influencers might become more active on Periscope if they’re able to easily monetize their content (but still too early to tell how it compares to other video ads like YouTube, etc.). However, there is an immediate impact on the distribution side for Influencer campaigns. CPVs will need to be compared to YouTube & Facebook to assess the opportunity, but Twitter does have some unique targeting capabilities and a pre-roll ad on Periscope might be a better option in some cases than Facebook & YouTube as a result.


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