Here at RhythmOne we are fiercely driven to deliver solutions to app developers and web publishers that help them build their business and continue to produce compelling content that attracts a loyal audience.  Over the past 12 months we’ve been busy in enhancing our publisher products – and today I am very happy to announce that these solutions have been consolidated into a unified platform RhythmMax for Publishers (RMP).

RhythmMax for Publishers is a complete monetization solution. It marries state-of-the-art publisher products with a complete demand stack that includes both premium direct sold campaigns, as well as demand from our programmatic marketplace, RhythmMax.  RMP works seamlessly across mobile, desktop and connected-TV – eliminating the need to work with multiple partners.  Our streamlined solution can reduce revenue leakage, enhance site/app performance, improve user experience – and perhaps most importantly, add to a publisher’s overall revenue, eCPM and yield.

RhythmOne for Publishers Offers:

  • Easy Integration

    Publishers can access RMP through our header bidder or SDK solutions.  All integration solutions connect publisher with our complete roster of demand sources, including premium direct sold campaigns as well as access to our programmatic marketplace, the RhythmMax exchange.

  • Competitive Demand

    With RMP, all our demand sources compete for a publishers’ mobile and desktop supply.  RMP can immediately enhance impression value and deliver higher eCPM, yield and ultimately revenue by offering competitive demand from direct sold partners, Private Marketplaces, as well as our programmatic exchange.

  • Cross-Platform Formats

    RhythmMax provides publishers monetization opportunities from a suite of desktop and mobile (in-app and web) display, video, and rich media ad formats.  All our ad formats adhere to the latest VAST, VPAID or MRAID standards.

  • Brand Safety

    RhythmMax is built to not only provide publishers with maximum revenue generating opportunities, but also industry leading brand safety measures that work to minimize brand risk, protect the audience’s experience, and enhance supply value.

  • Revenue Protection

    RMP includes ValueAmp, our solution that provides publishers with the capability to accurately measure the effect ad blockers have on their site.  ValueAmp allows publishers to protect and continue to monetize their valuable content, and tap into alternate revenue streams beyond traditional advertising.

I am very excited for new and our existing publishers to discover RMP and everything it can do for them. With dedicated product and development teams continuing to identify publisher needs and create solutions to address them, I am confident that RMP is, and will continue to be, the premier publisher monetization solution available in the marketplace.

We have also put in place the support structure to ensure RhythmMax publishers receive hands-on account management services that provide yield and revenue optimization.  And publishers have access to our Publisher Account Center that provides in-depth campaign information and filters that gives the transparency needed to manage ad revenue. 

RhythmMax for Publishers is an important and exciting milestone in our efforts to deliver app developers and web publishers the best products to help build their business and audiences. I look forward to working with current and new partners to ensure that our suite of publisher products provides the best and most complete solution to the marketplace today and well as into the future.

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