Snapchat has launched a new feature that will be HUGE for driving revenue.
Snapchat – Self-Service Ads
Overview: Finally brands and advertisers can launch Snapchat ads themselves without having to go through Snapchat or a 3rd party. This is still not rolled out yet – estimated US / UK roll out is around June. With this new feature, brands can promote video / image in between users’ stories  / discover content without a minimum. Targeting isn’t as comprehensive as Facebook, but you can still reach users based on criteria such as age, gender, locations, and interests.
Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: We’ve seen Snapchat ads work great for Influencer content, but the missing piece was the ability to manage these ads directly on the network and accommodate budgets of all sizes. With the self-service platform, Snapchat ads will become an even bigger part of our distribution offering.
Instagram – Uploading Content on Mobile Site
Overview: Users can now upload and share content on Instagram’s mobile site instead of having to use the app.
Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: There won’t be too many changes here on the Influence front, but it might have a slight impact on international campaigns. The mobile site will be a good solution for those who have a poor network and more data restrictions. These users might start to become more active on Instagram as a result of the mobile site update.
Twitter Channel on Roku
Overview: Roku has added a new free channel; livestreaming content from Twitter.
Influencer campaign Thought Starter: It’s always worth noting a change like this because content creators are usually going to prioritize networks where they can reach the most users and monetize the best. Twitter has been struggling a lot over the last couple of years, but if content creators feel like they’re going to get more exposure as Twitter expands their partnerships, they might actively use the network more often.
Snapchat Loops & No Time Limits
Overview: Users now have the option to add a Snap without a time limit. The Snap won’t disappear unless you click or navigate away from the Snap. Additionally, users can set a Snap to play on infinite loop.
Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: There’s the obvious that content that’s viewed longer will likely have a higher retention rate – this will likely be the case for Snaps with the “limitless” and/or “loop” feature. However, I think a lot of cool campaign ideas can be developed just from the loop feature alone. All of the awesome content ideas that were done on Vine because of the loop feature can now be applied to Snapchat.