Last week, RhythmOne hosted a CPG Influencer Marketing panel webinar with a few friends from Haworth Marketing + Media,  Lindsay, Stone & Briggs (LSB), and Nina Hale.

The team discussed several Influencer Marketing issues and topics that agencies and brands need to deal with in the consumer packaged goods space, including:

  • How Influencer Marketing solves the challenges CPG brands have in reaching target audiences
  • What agencies and brands can do to measure for Influencer Marketing success
  • Why creative and authentic Influencer Marketing content should be a top priority for brands

The topic of creative content in particular focused on brands and how they can/should leverage the creativity and inherent “uniqueness” of influencers to help social media campaigns stand out among the very crowded CPG digital advertising space.  Panelist Todd LaBeau, SVP Digital Marketing & Social Media at LSB, discussed a campaign that he worked on for a global battery brand.

Letting Go to Make a Product Shine

As a CPG product, batteries aren’t exactly what one would call sexy. Packaging can be kind of boring and look the same across brand names.  This presents a unique challenge and an opportunity. Sure, a battery brand could take the easy road and task influencers to create content that features packaging, logos, etc.  In Todd’s campaign, the battery brand took to heart the notion of “letting go” of strict control. The brand took the time to work with influencers, and they co-created unique and authentic ideas that really helped the product shine.  And in the images below, the product literally shined in this very clever holiday-themed DIY influencer post.

Christmas Lights

The branded content in this case focused on creating something that showed the benefits of using the batteries without the brand/product itself being the primary focus. In a step-by-step post, the influencer creatively worked in the brand (and even the packaging) into the graphically-rich content — and again, the brand was not the primary focus of the post. The battery-powered sign was. It’s a subtle difference, sure, but an important one.

All of this resulted in a ton of engagement and excitement for the light board and ultimately, the batteries that powered it. The fans of this particular influencer appreciated the authenticity of the post and helped the brand further by virally sharing the content across their own networks and channels.

For More Insights and Inspiration

In addition to watching/listening to the webinar replay, be sure to grab your copy of our latest Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report and our Influencer Marketing Guide for more insights and inspiration.