If you are following our blog (and we hope you are), you might have noticed that a few months back we introduced our single unified publisher platform – RhythmMax for Publishers (RMP).  In that blog, we explained that RMP is a complete monetization solution, marrying state-of-the-art publisher products with a complete demand stack that includes both premium direct sold campaigns, as well as demand from our programmatic marketplace, RhythmMax.  Our streamlined solution can reduce revenue leakage, enhance site/app performance, improve user experience – and perhaps most importantly, add to a publisher’s overall revenue, eCPM and yield.

We have also been holding on to some exciting news that we wanted to now share to whet your appetite. But first, a little backstory.

As part of the launch of RMP, RhythmOne made its programmatic marketplace, RhythmMax, available via our own header bidder wrapper and via the prebid.js open source code project. Both are traditional client-side header bidder solutions with several advantages. But there’s another kind of header bidder solution that utilizes server-to-server connections as detailed in our blog post, “A Tale of Two Header Bidders: Client vs. Server-to-Server.” One advantage of this type of header bidder is that it reduces page load latency and increases the available demand for ad inventory. It helps publishers get the highest yield for every impression without sacrificing user experience.

Another solution that utilizes server-to-server connections is Google’s DoubleClick Exchange Bidding. As you may know, Exchange Bidding is currently a Beta program that allows select third-party exchanges to compete for ad impressions inside DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) using a unified real-time auction. In turn, this enables publishers to enhance yield without requiring them to add additional client-side code.

That brings us to the exciting news.

RhythmOne is currently ramping up in “private mode,” as one of Google’s key selected exchange partners. And soon (very soon) this integration will give DFP publishers the ability to access RhythmOne’s 1000+ demand partners worldwide. Stay tuned for our public announcement, details about our integration and how to include RhythmOne within Google’s DoubleClick Exchange Bidder.