We take our responsibility to the supply community very seriously and are committed to actively fostering a competitive digital advertising ecosystem that gives web publisher and app developers maximum monetization opportunities.  We work to maximize partner revenue by:

  • Developing a network of partners to offer unique demand and provide maximum yield
  • Building and refining a fast, efficient technology stack to optimize monetization opportunities
  • Offering publishers an array of analytic tools to better understand and position their audiences
  • Integrating with select, high-quality partners to seamlessly offer our demand within their publisher facing tools

On this last point, I am very happy about our integration with Google’s open beta DoubleClick Exchange Bidding (EB) program. RhythmOne is one of a few initial partners in this program and through our integration will provide additional demand from our premium partners to hundreds of DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) clients.

The integration allows publishers using DFP to permit RhythmOne to submit real-time bids for their supply using industry-standard RTB calls. The bids submitted by RhythmOne will be considered alongside those from DoubleClick AdX, the publisher’s own reserved campaigns, and other EB partners to pick the highest-priced bid.

The advantages of Exchange Bidding for DFP publishers are many and include: greater revenue without compromising user experience, easy set-up within the DFP platform that allows publishers to get up and running in less than a day, and unified reporting and consolidated billing.  In a recent post on the DoubleClick Publishing Blog it was noted that initial results for publishers participating in Exchange Bidding had been positive – “The results speak for themselves. Publishers in our closed beta have seen double-digit programmatic revenue lift on average, with some seeing programmatic lift as high as 40%.”

Speaking recently about RhythmOne’s participation in Exchange Bidding, Sam Cox, Group Product Manager, DoubleClick noted “We’re happy to welcome RhythmOne into Exchange Bidding.  Exchange Bidding allows publishers to maximize demand for all of their inventory by bringing together real-time pricing from all of their demand sources into a unified auction in the [DoubleClick] ad server.”

Our integration with DoubleClick EB is another component of our commitment to the digital publishing community and will allow us to provide publishers access via open-auction to our high-quality demand – giving them another monetization source to increase their yield and price on inventory.  DFP publishers can now enable access to RhythmOne demand through the DFP platform.  Also, publishers can reach out here to our publisher team with any questions they might have about the program.