Instagram and Snapchat continue to offer more features as they fight over users while LinkedIn gives advertisers more targeting options. Check out some of what’s new in social over the past couple of weeks and how it can be used for your next Influencer campaign.

Instagram – Linking in Stories
Overview: Instagram Business Profiles with 10,000 or more followers can now add a link to their Stories.  Users can “swipe up” to visit the site.

Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: This used to be limited to just verified profiles, but it seems like all Instagram Business Profiles with 10,000 or more followers can implement this. This is a pretty big update since brands can now effectively track how an Instagram story impacts metrics such as site traffic and conversions. Additionally, appending tracking codes at the end of a Story URL will track external traffic from a specific Story.  As this continues to roll out to more and more users, expect Story KPIs to shift from just “reach / views” to more traffic-based metrics.



Snapchat – Multi-Snap
Overview: Multi-Snap allows users to record up to six consecutive 10-second Snaps at once. From there, users can select which ones they want to post or discard.

Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: When a campaign features a live component such as an event, there is often a short window to create and post content. With this update, Influencers will have the opportunity to create six videos simultaneously with the ability to pick and choose the best ones to post. This is especially useful when there might be only a 30-60 minute window to create content. Even though they’re broken up into six individual videos, this provides the opportunity for Influencers to create longer form video content (instead of being limited to 10 seconds). Six, 10-second videos can be posted as consecutive Snaps in a story instead of having to record one, stop, record the next, etc.



LinkedIn – Website Visitor Targeting
Overview: Through a LinkedIn pixel, any website (i.e. influencer blog or brand website) can gain insights on who is visiting their website based on LinkedIn parameters such as job seniority, job title, company, etc. The pixel will give insights for any site visitor regardless if they came from LinkedIn or not. Advertisers can then create specific audience segments to target via LinkedIn ads based on this data (i.e. targeting the most popular job titles who visited your website), resulting in a hyper targeted remarketing campaign. 

Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: LinkedIn has become an increased area of focus for B2B Influencer campaigns. With this update, you can increase distribution by targeting specific B2B parameters via LinkedIn through first party data from an Influencer blog or a brand’s website. Additionally, this update will provide unique, B2B-specific analytics around the Influencer campaign (i.e. top companies engaging with Influencer content). 



LinkedIn – Multiple Photos in a Single Post
Overview: Users can now add multiple photos into a single post, as opposed to just a single image. The images appear in an album format (similar to Facebook).

Influencer Campaign Thought Starter:  This feature will allow B2B Influencers to create a single post (instead of having to create multiple) around event activations, product demonstrations, and other B2B content that would typically produce multiple images.


One last thing….
WhatsApp also has hit 1 billion daily users: WhatsApp is known more for personalized communication than an App for brand communications, expect it to become an increased part of Influencer campaigns as the user base continues to grow.