A lot of social updates over the past couple of weeks have been focused on video between LinkedIn adding native video to the network, Reddit’s auto-play video ads, and Instagram’s two-person live streams. Read on to see how these updates, among others, can be integrated into your next Influencer campaign.  

Also, there’s a social media week taking place on 9/11 featuring five days of events across eight locations.  Included in this week’s “New in Social” are recommendations on how to stay up to date with all that’s taking place during these events.

LinkedIn – Uploading Video Content
Overview: LinkedIn users can now, finally, upload video content directly on the network.

Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: Prior to this update, users had to link out to video content from YouTube (or another platform). This is a big update for B2B brands as Influencers can now create video content specific to LinkedIn instead of having to host in on YouTube or elsewhere. Insights will also be available on who is viewing the content inclusive of job title, company size, seniority, etc.  Expect CPV LinkedIn ads to follow close behind!


Instagram – Ability to Sponsor Carousel Posts
Overview: Business profiles on Instagram can now sponsor Carousel posts.  Carousel posts have been around since earlier this year, but were limited to just organic posts prior to this update.

Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: We’ve seen carousel ads working really well on Facebook so would expect the same to be true for Instagram (especially since they do well organically in terms of engagements / engagement rates). For Instagram campaigns featuring a carousel, expect these ad units to be featured more prominently across paid social over a single post.



Instagram – Go Live with a Friend
Overview: Instagram is testing the ability for users to add another user to their live stream.

Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: If this rolls out to all users, this can be a cool way for Influencers to collaborate together on a campaign such as a two person live Q&A or can be a way for Influencers to interview someone without having to travel to their physical location.

Link: https://instagram-press.com/blog/2017/08/08/go-live-with-a-friend/


YouTube – Share & Chat Directly on the Platform
Overview: YouTube has added the ability to share videos with other YouTube users (instead of share being limited to just other networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.). As part of this update, YouTube users can also chat with each other directly on the platform.

Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: I think this will be a little slower to adopt to a large audience because users are so accustomed to sharing YouTube content on other networks. Likely will see those who regularly comment on YouTube video tap into this feature first. However, this will eventually drive more engagements and views to Influencer’s YouTube content as long as this share feature is an addition to users sharing videos to other networks, and not a replacement.

Link: https://youtube.googleblog.com/2017/08/introducing-new-way-to-share-youtube.html

Reddit – Auto-Play Video Ads
Overview: Reddit has added auto-play video into their ad product suite.

Influencer Campaign Thought Starter: Reddit isn’t often associated with Influencer marketing, but the site is often a major contributing factor to content going “viral”. However, distributing really compelling, engaging Influencer video content through a Reddit video ad could help drive a substantial amount of additional views and engagement given its user base. It’s important to air on the side of caution, even with ads – content that’s too advertorial won’t be well received by the site.

Link: http://adage.com/article/digital/reddit-launches-native-video-tools-autoplay-ads/310158/ 


Younger Audiences Flocking to Instagram & Snapchat
This comes as no surprise, but it’s worth reiterating – Facebook continues to see younger audiences leave the network and flock to Instagram & Snapchat. Especially worth noting is Snapchat – there’s a lot of buzz about how it’s losing out to Instagram in terms of market share, but they are still seeing a lot of growth. Expect to see more and more e Influencer campaigns focus on specific channels based on age groups:  http://fortune.com/2017/08/21/facebook-instagram-snapchat-usage-rates/

Social Media Week
Lastly, there’s an upcoming social media week taking place between 9/11 and 9/15. Social Media Week is hosting events across London, Jakarta, and Sao Paulo with additional “independent” events sprouting up across five different cities. There will be a lot of great topics covered off during these events from new features to best practices to a whole lot more. 

This year, expect a lot of talk around AI / chatbots and how it’s being integrated into brand’s social campaigns. While this is still a brand new concept for 99% of brands, this will likely see a lot of rapid growth over the next couple of years. Brands that invest in this earlier on will have a huge advantage as more users continue to adopt this technology.

You don’t want to miss out on this year’s events – here are ways to make sure you’re staying up to date on all that’s taking place:

  • Use Twitter search, or a tool like Hootsuite, Social Studio, etc., to follow along conversations using the hashtag #SMW17
  • Search location hashtags as well (i.e. #SMWLDN
  • Follow @RhythmOneUS and @RhythmOneUK who will be tweeting out highlights from these events
  • Create a Twitter list that includes @socialmediaweek, location accounts (i.e. @smwldn), and the speakers participating at these events