As 2018 unfolds, we asked several people across RhythmOne to weigh in on what they think will be the “hot topics” in ad tech and at RhythmOne this year.

Ted Hastings, CEO
In 2018, we should see a continued wave of consolidation that will remove a lot of noise from the industry. Transparency will continue to accelerate through the industry, driving the need for demonstrable and measurable value-add from any company in the ad tech chain. Lastly, we’ll see a clear handful of identifiable, credible alternatives to Facebook and Google emerge – providing scale, quality, and transparent value-added ad tech.

Karim Rayes, VP, Publisher Development
Video is expected to continue to grow in 2018, and I expect to see a significant share of publishers asking for help with video solutions and monetization. We’re excited to find ways to further differentiate our supply and provide access to premium and emerging supply channels like CTV.

Rupert Staines, MD International / Craig Tuck, MD UK / International Teams
The promise of Intelligent Marketplaces is beginning to take shape in 2018, and we are starting to test our first Guaranteed Marketplace deals. The strong agency group relationships we have are excited about the potential of RhythmGuard. The opportunity to enhance and underpin our managed services combined with the new data-infused self-serve solutions are sure to turn heads and deliver great business outcomes for clients.

Benjamin Rathbun, Interactive Marketing Manager
As Dynamic Creative Optimization moves to the forefront this year, RhythmOne will continue to build out our advanced dynamic creative offering. The team I work with is excited to get hands-on with the data signals from our DMP and use them as dynamic creative triggers inside the creative platform.  As interest in our Creative Management Platform rises both internally externally, 2018 is going to be a busy year.

Bhaskar Ballapragada, SVP, Product
In 2018, the product team will be building out our Guaranteed Marketplace offering by layering audiences, including first-party data, through our analytics tools and lookalike segments. We will continue to build transparency at every level of our platform to provide the necessary visibility and ROI to our partners and clients.

Vish Tella, Product Manager
2018 will be a “quality” year. In addition to continuing to work closely with Grapeshot, RhythmOne is also developing an internal service that scrapes webpages and weeds out objectionable content to provide cleaner inventory for our advertisers. The team is also excited to work with external service providers and on internal products to address the growing issue of fake news sites.

Katie Paulsen, VP Influencer Marketing / David Neuman, Director, Sales Strategy
The connection between programmatic and influencer marketing will continue to grow in 2018. The two are best married when influencers are used to create beautiful content, and programmatic channels are used to distribute this content to drive further reach and ROI. With key changes in the digital landscape (e.g., GDPR, Net Neutrality, etc.), the environments in which brands can connect to engaged audiences will drive more dollars towards the influencer marketing world. On the technology side, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) will continue to become a bigger part of social media and influencer campaigns in 2018. We can expect really creative AI and VR integrations into influencer campaigns such as chatbots, experiential videos, and more.