As you might recall, a few months back I announced in this blog that we were ramping up in “private mode” as one of Google’s DoubleClick Exchange Bidding partners. Soon after that announcement we did move from “private mode” to “public mode” – which enabled us to offer DFP publishers the ability to access RhythmOne’s 1000+ demand partners worldwide. I am very happy to report that we have had tremendous success with Exchange Bidding since then, and partnering with Google, we have documented a 40% revenue increase for publishers.

How We Did It

Essential to our success was our aim to expose the highest quality inventory from Exchange Bidding publishers to our demand network – increasing the number of quality bids, driving higher CPMs, and delivering greater publisher revenue potential.

To accomplish these goals, we focused on optimizing user-matching as it was our belief that it would yield the greatest benefit for Exchange Bidding publishers. Working with Google’s benchmarks, we took a two-pronged approach to optimize user-matching. 

  • First, we developed a proprietary process to intelligently chain downstream user-sync processes. This process increased response rates and reduced latency.
  • Second, we leveraged RhythmGuard™, our proprietary traffic filtering technology, that allowed us to intelligently respond to Google EB. This process ensured that RhythmOne demand partners saw a publisher partners’ highest quality inventory – leading to higher bid rates, CPMs and revenue.

At the end of this process we achieved a match rate of 80%+ – one of the highest match rates amongst Exchange Bidding partners.

An Ongoing Approach

We have not rested on our laurels – and continue to refine our user matching processes and procedures.  This ongoing effort reflects the company’s mission to provide maximize monetization opportunities to supply partners by delivering quality demand, high CPMs and revenue.