RhythmOne is committed to trust and transparency throughout the advertising ecosystem. One key way we support this is through RhythmGuard, our proprietary brand safety technology that combines our own algorithms with data from industry-leading verification firms to score and filter traffic before, during and after the bid to create a clean, high-quality ad marketplace for both supply and demand partners.

Read more about RhythmGuard process and partners here.

In furtherance of this commitment, RhythmOne is also working closely with our publisher partners to promote the adoption of the ads.txt protocol within our ecosystem.  Ads.txt, an IAB initiative, stands for Authorised Digital Sellers and is a simple, flexible and secure method publishers and distributors can use to publicly declare the companies they authorise to sell their digital inventory, in order to improve transparency for programmatic buyers. As adoption proliferates, it should help to combat things like domain spoofing and unauthorized reselling.

RhythmOne has supported this initiative since its roll out in May 2017 and reinforces this commitment by allowing our DSP partners the ability to opt to receive only ads.txt supply from us. This means that their advertising partners will only be bidding on supply where RhythmOne is listed as a direct source authorized reseller. This is also something we can support when setting up campaigns through our own systems on behalf of our advertising partners who work with us on a managed service basis.

For the programmatic ecosystem to function more efficiently, buyers and sellers should enjoy confidence in their counterparties. By furthering the twin causes of trust and transparency, RhythmOne is committed to strengthening that confidence, and constantly innovating to ensure we are creating an ad ecosystem that allows for efficient and effective advertising.