In an era where programmatic buys have taken over and mathematical algorithms control dominant portions of the buying and selling process, it’s easy to lose sight of the part of our industry that you just can’t automate: Creative. As we blogged earlier this year, Creative Matters – and telling a brand’s story through creative design is one of the most important factors in driving ad effectiveness. Too often it is easy for clients and agencies to lose sight of this.

With this fundamental Creative Matters philosophy in mind, the RhythmOne Creative Services team was ecstatic when it was announced in late 2017 that the company would be acquiring YuMe and expanding its offering to include Connected TV (CTV). Furthermore, we were excited about the opportunity to combine like-thinking creative teams from both companies into a single creative group working towards a shared goal of offering the best cross-platform solutions that allow clients to tell their stories and engage with their audiences.

While the team was united in sprit, the integration of both teams’ creative formats into one cohesive offering has taken some work. RhythmOne had been using its own Creative Management Platform (CMP) for the past several years, and the foundation that platform provided brought an immediate opportunity to increase efficiency on legacy YuMe creative builds by integrating their formats into the CMP. Our so-called “Creative Studio 2.0” has been a major focal point for the team over the past several months.

Clients are already reaping the benefits of the expanded team and integrated platforms, and our more complete offering and powerful creative capabilities. Being able to offer our clients more engaging solutions that scale across connected platforms is what it’s all about – and we are excited about the possibilities.

Below are a few recent examples of work from Creative Studio 2.0 – with lots more to come!

RhythmOne Creative Ngage Demo

RhythmOne Creative Flip Demo

RhythmOne Creative Split Demo