Consumers today view video content seamlessly between platforms and devices, over-the-top (OTT) adoption is increasing, and the digital video marketplace continues to grow. In fact, eMarketer’s latest projections indicate digital video will reach nearly 250 million viewers in the US by 2022 – accounting for nearly three out of every four people. Spending is elevated as well, according to eMarketer: by 2022, advertisers are projected to shell out $29.6 billion on video ads in the US – a figure that’s up 65% over 2018’s projection.

There is no doubt that the media landscape is shifting, but the shift has been and will continue to be gradual. According to recent data from comScore, two-thirds of OTT households are also watching linear TV.

So, what does this mean for marketers?

There is a clear need for holistic video measurement that is easily understood by both digital and TV media buyers. Although TV buyers are excited about the amount of data digital devices can provide, they are still tied to the same reach goals that have driven their business for decades. Likewise, digital teams are seeking TV-like measurement as digital aligns itself with linear TV.

Ultimately, this is the impetus behind our recent roll out of RhythmOne’s Advanced TV Audience Guarantee. In addition to our measurement portfolio of upper-funnel awareness and lower-funnel outcome-based capabilities, we have added a solution that meets our clients’ age and gender requirements as we work together to elevate their campaigns. As part of the guarantee, RhythmOne will only charge for impressions delivered to intended demographics – as measured against comScore’s standard reporting – when marketers access our diversified network of brand safe Advanced TV inventory, across all over-the-top and OEM environments.

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Also, check out our latest press release on the Advanced TV Audience Guarantee.

Note: RhythmOne guarantees delivery as measured against comScore’s cross-platform measurement, optimizing impression delivery on a weekly basis in order to fulfill purchased impressions before the end of campaign flight. To fulfill guarantees, RhythmOne will apply [Delivered Audience Impression composition %] x [RhythmOne count OR CTV certified ad server impression count] to determine billable in-demo impression count. While we do not anticipate that a guarantee will not be met, should final billable in-demo impression count calculation demonstrate that we have not met the guaranteed in-demo impression count during the pre-determined campaign flight period, RhythmOne will not bill for the under-delivered impressions.