As we look back at 2018, this year was one of maturation for the technologies that underpin the entire digital advertising ecosystem. Our industry continued to consolidate and streamline technology, while at the same time growing in important ways, including an increased emphasis on multiscreen campaigns, improved targeting, higher performance, and unified measurement solutions. It was also a year focused on building greater trust and transparency, with GDPR compliance and stronger brand safety controls. 

At RhythmOne, we continued to serve advertisers and publishers with one of the industry’s largest independent programmatic marketplaces. And through our acquisition of YuMe, we solidified our leadership position in advanced TV and continued a legacy in digital video innovation.

So, what’s next?

Today and over the last 12 days across our social media channels, members of our leadership team shared “12 Days of Insights” – predictions and considerations for what the future holds in 2019 – and the team foresees opportunity and growth in the New Year. Below are their insights in the order they were posted. Happy Holidays!


Day 1: Thursday, December 6

Amy Rothstein, Chief Operating Officer 

The onus to protect the digital ad ecosystem is a collective effort. I hope to see continued commitment across the industry in 2019 to uphold measurement and verification standards that build more confidence in the ecosystem and help ensure its continued growth.


Day 2: Friday, December 7

Rebecca Skrak – SVP, Operations

The future of advertising is cross-screen and connected. In 2019, I expect the definition of cross-screen to expand to include traditional digital channels as well as advanced TV, linear TV, and IOT devices inside the home – which will pose new opportunities and challenges.


Day 3: Monday, December 10

Todd Johnson – VP, Emerging Technology

The future of TV is connected. 2019 may be the year we adopt a new term – “Omni Television” – to describe the convergence of linear TV, OTT, CTV and advanced TV. Digital TV is maturing rapidly, but we still have hurdles to overcome in cross-screen measurement and attribution. 


Day 4: Tuesday, December 11

Jeff Zito – Regional VP, Sales

Managed services can sometimes be an underrated offering in our industry. In 2018 we saw strong demand for our high-quality managed service team, and realized success serving as an extension to agency teams. By simplifying the complexity of emerging channels like advanced TV, we ourselves become part of a unique and differentiated offering. 


Day 5: Wednesday, December 12

Devin Fallon – VP, Media Insights and Analytics

The good news for everyone is digital advertising spend is on the rise, led by increased investment in key areas like mobile and advanced TV. In 2019, I expect total spend to continue to grow, but the importance of performance, measurement, and focus on quality will be the linchpins of sustained success. 


Day 6: Thursday, December 13

Jorg Nowak – Chief Revenue Officer 

Continued emphasis will be placed on transparent, brand-safe programmatic marketplaces in 2019. Advanced TV will continue to increase in importance as a channelfor advertising dollars, combining the value of TV and precision of digital.  It will be essential for cross-screen campaign success.


Day 7: Friday, December 14

Larry Gelfand – Regional VP, Sales

This past year, traditional TV took its fair share of hits, while advanced TV and streaming were heralded as the industry’s shining star. The real winners in 2019 will be marketers who understand it isn’t about the channel, it’s about putting the audience first. Converged, cross-screen campaigns will always win. 


Day 8: Monday, December 17

Katie Paulsen – VP, Influencer Marketing

The value of influencer marketing relies on authenticity. The mettle of influencer marketing was tested this year as companies were asked to focus on greater transparency and improved measurement – important pillars for the category.  In 2019, I expect we will continue to see tremendous growth as influencer marketing matures and the clear ROI of campaigns becomes well-known.


Day 9: Tuesday, December 18

Kimberly Adams – Regional VP, Sales

Advanced TV has been successful in proving its value in performance, but with all high-performing channels, I expect the attention of fraudsters to grow in 2019. Marketers must remain vigilant in enacting multi-pronged strategies to monitor and detect suspicious activity and invalid traffic in OTT, and work with accredited verification tools. 


Day 10: Wednesday, December 19

Amy Guenel – VP, Product 

In 2019, we’ll see more ad tech companies – including RhythmOne – redefining what programmatic means, as the value and understanding of curated Private Marketplaces surge. Transparent PMPs will continue to drive higher performance returns in 2019, across the programmatic ecosystem.


Day 11: Thursday, December 20

Karim Rayes – Chief Product Officer

Publishers in 2019 will have a lot to undertake, with audience attention – and ad spend – fragmented across platforms. Working with a tech platform that effectively and efficiently manages cross-platform inventory will not simply be important, it will be a necessity.


Day 12: Friday, December 21

Mark Bonney – President and CEO 

In 2018, ad tech became a viable, growing investment category once again. Next year, I expect to see more industry consolidation, as larger companies seek to accelerate tech innovation through acquisition, and publishers, brands, and agencies seek to engage with unified, cross-screen platforms.