Welcome to our inaugural influencer marketing-focused blog! From fresh strategies for destination marketing to precedent-setting social media legislation, here’s a curated rundown of the week’s top influencer marketing news, compiled by RhythmOne’s influencer team.


This week, New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation revamped its approach to destination marketing, leveraging a 360i social campaign that highlights the city’s popular Mardi Gras festival. The campaign kicks off with Leave With a Story, Not Just a Souvenir, a 90-second spot about The North Side Skull & Bone Gang—a group of locals who awaken the city on Mardi Gras morning dressed as skeletons. Centered around lesser-known traditions and legends, the campaign hopes to evoke the city’s “elegant grit” and inspire locals to drive content out of civic pride, as a cost-effective distribution network.


Facebook announced Wednesday that all new and existing ad campaigns on its platform will be migrated to an automated campaign budget allocation system, meaning budgets can only be set at the campaign-level. This system helps to optimize campaign budgets by allocating the most money to top-performing ads automatically, but removes advertisers’ freedom to set spend for specific ad sets. The move by Facebook is intended to help advertisers by automatically prioritizing ad sets that generate the strongest results at the lowest cost, which, in turn, is expected to yield stronger results for campaigns. 

As a step forward in the battle against fraud on social media platforms, New York’s Attorney General Letitia James confirmed a precedent-setting settlement against social media marketing company Devumi. The case accused Duvemi of selling fake followers, “likes,” and views on social media platforms through the use of bots. The settlement signifies progress in regulating the use of bots and fake identities to inflate online/follower engagement.

Chinese-based video sharing app TikTok is climbing download charts. Popular with Gen Z, the lip-syncing app has earned notoriety recently for garnering over 500M active users and resonating with younger audiences. As TikTok’s user base rises and the newcomer begins to rival established platforms like Snapchat, marketers should begin to consider tapping into TikTok for influencer campaigns targeting high school and college audiences.

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