In this week’s Influencer Recap blog, we take a closer look at Papa John’s efforts to give its brand image a facelift, the latest updates from Facebook and Instagram, and eMarketer’s commentary on the efficacy of influencer marketing. 


Papa John’s is working hard to revamp its pizza delivery brand image. Previously, Papa John’s relied heavily on celebrity endorsements, but it is now shifting toward influencer marketing as a strategy to reach younger consumers. Looking to YouTube and Instagram influencers as well as sports stars, the company’s new campaign will promote its redesigned rewards program and specialty pizza selection. Set for launch this month, the campaign is set to coincide with NCAA March Madness.


Facebook rolled out a new Stories integration globally, which enables users to combine Stories with events. Considering the high engagement Live Stories garner from popular influencers, this new feature could result in even more reach for brands leveraging influencers during event activations.

Facebook also sued four Chinese companies for selling fake Facebook and Instagram accounts, calling the crackdown “one more step in our ongoing efforts to protect people” on their platforms. The decision to press charges reinforces Facebook’s efforts to help ensure a brand-safe environment for advertisers. Following the prosecution of Duvemi, who sold millions of fake likes, retweets and followers on Twitter, these moves suggest social platform providers and legislators will continue to increase pressure on social media bad actors.

eMarketer provided commentary on the efficacy of influencer marketing this week, highlighting Instagram Stories’ swipe-up feature, which takes users to brand pages where they can shop promoted products. Noting how the feature “provides significant advantages when it comes to lower-funnel marketing objectives,” eMarketer cited a study from Influencer Intelligence and Econsultancy, which stated that approximately 45% of US and UK marketers agree that influencers drive revenue. Further bolstering the argument to incorporate influencer marketing into campaigns, a report from CivicScience noted that 34% of American Instagram users have bought something because it was recommended by an influencer.

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