Here’s a look at this week’s influencer marketing news, compiled by RhythmOne’s influencer team. This week, we review key tips and tricks marketers can leverage to enhance their brand’s social presence, and highlight major trends in global influencer marketing. 


The social marketing teams for brands often struggle with organic loss of engagement and followers across networks. Social Media Today highlighted the top ways marketers can keep followers engaged – stating that unique content can help, along with analytics to understand your audience and chosen platform’s algorithm. 

Most notably, the article emphasizes how investments in influencer marketing can naturally counteract engagement declines. Many influencers do an effective job in driving higher engagement rates, despite algorithm updates, because of their ability to engage their specific and unique audiences. 

Once you’ve decided on influencers for a marketing campaign, how best can you work together to create engaging and thoughtful content? The Drum offered some suggestions: 1. co-create content; 2. form trusting partnerships; 3. focus on people-first experiences; 4. show you understand your audience; and 5. give people what they want.


This week, eMarketer released a report detailing key trends within the global influencer marketing industry, providing insights for marketers, including how marketers are likely to increase their average budgets and how some countries, such as China, are relying on influencers as a tactic more than other parts of the world. The report also explained how brands are beginning to turn to micro influencers to sell content as they appear more authentic to smaller followings and why Instagram Stories are so effective, highlighting how posts tend to be more authentic due to their ephemeral quality, and the ability to bring viewers closer to purchasing with outbound links.

eMarketer also reported on a survey produced by Mediakix, stating how fraud continues to be a top concern for marketers, with 63% of marketers and brands “admitted to having personal experience with influencer fraud in past campaigns.” Although fraud is a concern, eMarketer indicated many of the new platforms are now using analytics to help detect influencer and engagement fraud and, “while fake followers remain a challenge for influencer marketers, there is nothing to suggest it will slow the growth of this emerging practice.”

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