​Introducing the Value of Optimization: A New Blog Series

How is it that there can be so many digital advertising marketplaces out there promising the same levels of performance results? (We wonder the same thing). Is there really a difference between the many competitors out there?

Well, no… and yes! Let us explain. 

In the first of a multi-series effort to better explain the value of optimization, we want to start by outlining the RhythmOne approach to help ensure campaign success.

Part I: The Art & Science of Performance Optimization

Most marketing technology platforms have lots of levers to pull to optimize a campaign and help ensure it performs to meet specific KPIs. And it is true that many vendors — if not most — employ similar optimization techniques. So why don’t all campaigns and vendors come up with the same results?

While performance campaigns might seem like they are all the same on the surface (e.g., reach the right customer at the right time to direct to purchase), they are actually often unique. A single formula can’t be applied – different techniques and timing must be applied based on each campaign’s unique goals, audiences, and channels, as well as other factors like inventory pricing, availability, and past performance. All of this happens dynamically and must adjust to how the campaign is performing over time. 

It might seem complicated – we can help to explain. 

Sophisticated ad tech platforms like ours are designed to ingest all the data that impact a given campaign and dynamically optimize toward specific KPIs. But more than that, RhythmOne is inherently performance-tuned and has the skilled team members who can combine the art and science of optimization to match a campaign’s particular needs. That means we are constantly reinventing the best techniques, with a lot of help from machine learning, to optimize the campaign to meet our clients’ current needs as well as current market dynamics, which are often different from the needs and dynamics of yesterday… or tomorrow. 

Data, Automation, Expertise

Let’s get into some of the specifics of how RhythmOne optimizes for performance. When you come to us, you will get a tailored experience, guided by our capable staff and the latest updates to our technology platform.

In a nutshell, it comes down to data, automation, and expertise.


Successful campaign optimization starts with having the right data. We work with many attribution vendors by passing them macros, which we use to measure impression-level attribution and make sure we have the most granular information available detailing what is driving success in third parties. In addition, bid-stream data also helps inform our decisions. We have a tremendous amount of reach and scale, and those factors help provide us with a deep pool of bid-stream data used to inform our optimization strategies. 


At the core of what differentiates RhythmOne from our competitors is our automation technology. We use almost a decade of data on past performance and best practices to inform the setup of new business via a simple one-click template. Once a campaign is live, we use machine learning algorithms to optimize bid-price bases on each of the audience’s value. This process is continuously adjusted throughout the entire campaign.


All the technology and data in the world would be wasted if we didn’t have a knowledgeable team of experts to tailor it to your specific campaign needs. SSPs are constantly changing their auction mechanics (header bidding, first price auctions, hard and soft floors, etc.), and this requires human analysis to catch changes and respond appropriately. In addition, the metrics the industry uses to measure success are also constantly changing (e.g., Placed behavioral lift, Group M viewability, etc.). Human oversight help ensure that we are testing against evolving measurement models and developing new and more efficient ways to drive success.

Successfully optimizing campaigns is a close partnership between you and your technology platform provider. Not every campaign will operate the same way, but when you work with RhythmOne, you can be certain that you’re getting one of the highest performance standards in the industry — because we use data, automation, and human expertise to design the best optimization strategy for your unique campaign needs.

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