This week, we take a deeper dive into Instagram, looking at key news updates for the platform, as well as how one of its influencers helped an orange become an internet sensation. Here’s a summary of the top influencer marketing news, compiled by RhythmOne’s influencer team. 


The rise in fame of Sumo Oranges—the “easy-to-peel,” characteristically sweet orange, was showcased in all its glory thanks to in-store branding and some help from Instagram. Influencer marketing has helped transform this previously unheard of fruit into a rising star. When Instagram Fashion Director Eva Chen started regularly posting about the fruit to her 1.1 million followers—showcasing it’s easy-to-peel rind—Sumo Oranges started appearing all over IG feeds, turning the niche citrus into an internet sensation.

Takeaway: When bold branding combined with a product that’s visually appealing, accessible, and easy to showcase, influencers can help provide a viral boost to raise awareness and increase sales.


MarTech Series outlined a Buzzoole report, which highlighted how the number of posts incorporating #ad on Instagram grew 42% worldwide from 2017 to 2018. The study examined the most popular transparency hashtags globally, which include #ad, #sponsored and #sp. 

Takeaway: The data shows how influencer marketing continues to grow as a key strategy for businesses. Fashion, beauty, and food & drink were the most mentioned product sectors in the influencer-generated posts, accounting for 60% of global sponsored content on Instagram.

The Verge reported Instagram is testing a new video scrubbing feature, which allows video playback, fast forward and rewind in user feeds. The ability is already available for IGTV, but has not yet rolled out in Stories or regular feeds. The test suggests Instagram might roll out video playback more broadly sometime in the future.

Takeaway: The new feature would likely impact how users consume video content on their feeds, with average watch time per user increasing as a result. 

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